MSS supports using DoD Law of War for the handling of justice regarding the ongoing bioweapons attack.  //  MSS stöder att använda DoD Law of War för rättshantering av rådande biovapenattack.

This in harmony with  Consideration of The Monarch Leif I with regard to the handling of justice regarding the ongoing bioweapons attack, 23 August -21.  //  Detta i harmoni med  Övervägande av Monarken Leif I avseende rättshantering av rådande biovapenattack, 23 augusti -21.  (Also in Video on main page.  //  Också i video på huvudsidan.)

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Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion.  MSS supports the International Grand Jury Proceeding, 05 February -22.

Some notes and links on Law of War, on Tribunals and on that we now have Clarity.

Law of War:
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It doesn't matter whether the puppets controlled by an occupying power are civilian or military, Law of War:  //  Det spelar ingen roll om de marionetter som kontrolleras av en ockupationsmakt är civila eller militära, Law of War:



This is the US's, but rest assured it can be applied globally when conditions are right.  For example, it may turn out that no Western government serves its own people but other interests.  This is already established through their handling of the so-called vaccines, so legally there is no problem applying the above to any Western government.  //  Detta är USA:s, men var lugn för att den kan tillämpas globalt när förhållandena så bjuder.  T.ex. kan det visa sig att ingen västerländsk regering tjänar det egna folket utan andra intressen.  Detta är redan etablerat genom deras hantering av de så kallade vaccinen, så juridiskt föreligger inga problem att tillämpa ovan på varje västerländsk regering.

Navigare necesse est.

LegeNet, [1/31/22 12:53 PM]

This is the people's real Nürnberg Tribunals.

Censorship is now done openly.  Officialdom (the Enemy Combatants) prioritise their own narrative over all other considerations and do so openly.  Which openly declares their priorities.  Which creates a living disclosure process where everyone shows who they are.  The people see this from below.  Officialdom falls through this.  We outnumber them.

Detta är folkets verkliga Nürnberg-tribunaler.

Censuren sker nu helt öppet.  Det officiella (fiendekombattanterna) prioriterar sitt eget narrativ före alla andra hänsyn och gör det helt öppet.  Vilket öppet deklarerar deras prioriteringar.  Vilket skapar en levande disclosure process där alla visar vilka de är.  Folket ser detta underifrån.  Det officiella faller genom detta.  Vi är fler än dem.

The Ethical Review Authority stopped the study on the grounds that a study could reduce the willingness to vaccinate, video in Swedish.

The Daily Bell
Nuremberg Violations: Should Government Vaxx Agents be Reclassified as ‘Enemy Combatants’?

January 28, 2022. The agents of state overseeing the vaxx/lockdown regime are, by any reasonable interpretation of the word, terrorists targeting a civilian population.


We have clarity



The above was IMAGE-tweeted in this Tweet:

Dr. Andrew Huff @AGHuff   7:54 PM · Feb 4, 2022 UTC

EcoHealth Alliance is responsible for the development of SARS-COV2, or more commonly known as COVID. I posted the documents to Twitter earlier this week that prove these statements. Follow me on Twitter, check out my posts, and click this promo to see the documents.

Dr. Andrew Huff @AGHuff   8:00 PM · Feb 4, 2022 UTC

Below is a link to a file transfer site so that you can download the documents and look at them for yourself.

InQtel (aka CIA) Pitch Deck by Dr. Peter Daszak

NIH - Wuhan, Ralph Baric, EcoHealth Proposal - shows R&D before NIH/Fauci was involved

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The Monarch Leif I, 7'th of February -22.   Update 2023-07-31 18:00:10 UTC:  Link updated in this color.

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