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There's a terrible obedience problem.

The problem isn't the chain of command.  The problem is the chain of obedience.

Too much obedience, and associated inability to really think.  Virtually nobody can really think, virtually all obey deranged authority.  This is the worst thinkable security hazard.  Created by mobbing called socialization, schooling, etc.

"The same money that owns the politicians owns the media, and thru the politicians owns the schools.  The early programming is almost impossible to break free of.  One free thought threatens the person's entire 'reality', like falling dominoes."  — V, a Veresapien @Veresapiens.

It's the first free thought that's the real hurdle.

Many free thoughts later one gets that there can't possibly be anything more dangerous than to let serial liars define ones 'reality'.  To make virtually everyone unable to really think is the worst thinkable security hazard.  But those unable to really think can't even think that!  Platonism was made and is maintained to achieve total power for the ruling élite.  Those who cannot think, don't grasp how dangerous it is to let serial liars define their 'reality'.  PDF book: http://hyperdialog.blogspot.com/p/section-1.html

It's only when you actually dig, that you at all become aware what the real stakes are.  Most people incorrectly believe they already are doomed.  Wrong.  But they doom themselves by not caring.

I got the question what the plan is, this in the comments to clarifications what Östersjöväldet/Godland is.  Part of that can be seen from https://loveorder.wordpress.com/bsicourt/ .  Due to the illegitimate money they must be tied to be backed by real alive value of energy of living men and women.  Due to the terrible security threat with virtually noone who can really think free, breaking through this threat is obviously of primary concern.  In existing security circumstances for those who yet care about their real security, war supplies etc must be prepared, and resources for this demanded.