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Choose Your Law.

As legislation are being put in place within the de-facto corporate legal systems to make it illegal there to collect evidence against their crimes against Human Kind, while within the jurisdiction of Love Order of Godland it is unlawful and a crime against Human Kind to cover up and hide such evidence as this is to aid and abet such crimes, it has therefore become imperative that everyone declare their allegiance.

You must therefore now Choose Your Law.  If you wish to obey some other law than the below, note that this may make you a criminal that can be judged in later lawful tribunals.  So, specify your allegiance in some public manner and notify all legal and law societies of your jurisdictional status.  That includes your local Godland law societies, and if there are none yet organized, notify us and start organizing if it's this jurisdictional status that you choose.

Template for reminding everyone of the fact of the status as a citizen of Kingdom of Sweden through Monarchy State Sweden, not the other way around.

[Monarchy State Sweden.]

Godland and Monarchy State Sweden doesn't fool or force people to obey, but earn loyalty and trust through respect for life and prosperity for all.  As loving and responsible Human Kind, we don't pretend that the well being of others isn't our concern.