The Monarch at burial grounds in Jordbro

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Monarchy State Sweden

The Government, Carl XVI Gustaf, The Parliament, The Popular movement - and the rest of Sweden refuses to take responsibility for stopping the III World War,
but we have the right to prevent the III World War, as such one affects Us, Our family, Our dynasty, Our people, Other peoples, the whole of the Baltic Sea region, the whole Earth and the universe.
We have therefore decided to take responsibility,
We have therefore proclaimed a legitimate state were there were no legitimate state,
in order to through this claim Nation Sweden as a peaceful zone,
where foreign powers war exercises are not permitted,
and where such is an act of war and a declaration of war.

We offer Indigenous Peace and Love system Godland at fulfillment of the conditions.

In the current crisis, when the rest of the people are "hiding", we proclaim Ourselves as an absolute monarch, but the slightly longer subgoal is a constitutional monarchy, wherefore a constitution, etc. is part of the 20-page proclamation.  This proclamation is in open courtroom in conjunction with a testimony before the Land and Environment Court before ~100 participants in Nacka 8.9.17 filed to the court records and We are there presented as Monarch.

Monarchy State Sweden institute Indigenous order by restoring form of government out of indigenous courts and self-produced money - oxa - that is registered with Indigenous associations.  It is the one who has the Money Power; to create money; who has the real power.  We give the real power back to The People.  All forms of war are criminalized and prohibited.

Leif Erlingsson, Monarch of State Sweden, Leif of Godland, Leif af Östersjöväldet


Monarchy State Sweden through the Monarch to the Government for Kingdom of Sweden, 10.09.17.  (Translation, original here.)
Proclamation of Monarchy State Sweden, Monarkin Staten Sverige of Autumn 12017 (8.9.17).  (Translation, original here.)
Cover letter to all Swedish ministers, this one to the Prime Minister, 14.9.17.
Cover letter to employees at Kingdom of Sweden, 14.9.17.

Consideration of The Monarch Leif I with regard to the handling of justice regarding the ongoing bioweapons attack, 23 August -21.  Video:

MSS supports using DoD Law of War for the handling of justice regarding the ongoing bioweapons attack.  The Monarch Leif I, 07 February -22.
Stefan Ratzeburg letters in English.  He can see with his heart and use it as a tool to see real law for the restoration of the old way before the parasites corrupted everything.
There was an already ongoing world wide military rescue operation when Godland and MSS was formed, of which MSS approves.  Leif I, Lawgiver for the Nation, etc, Monarchy State Sweden, 18 June -23.  Note the effect this have on "Orders".


Public Order of Revocation to all Military Corporations and Return to Kin of 10.9. (1)2017.
Public Order of Revocation, Reminding the Nullifying of legal authority of all Corporate Police and Law Enforcement Agencies in the World 10.9. (1)2017.
Directive from Monarchy State Sweden to abandoned existing court system structures, 20.9.17.  (In Swedish.)
Extraordinary Appropriation Directions, Hitler's Platonistic ideals should with retroactive effect from (1)2017-09-08 be removed from the BBiC model and corresponding systems.  (In Swedish.)
Extraordinary Appropriation Directions, Proclamation on nationalization of the Central Occupation System.  (In Swedish.)
Extraordinary Appropriation Directions, Proclamation on nationalization of all golf courts and all fertile soil around the three big cities and to organize temporary jobs with root vegetable cultivation.  (In Swedish.)
Choose Your Law.  You must now Choose Your Law, the reasons are on the link.

Instituting Documents

Proclamation of Monarchy State Sweden, Monarkin Staten Sverige of Autumn 12017 (8.9.17).  (Translation, original here.)
Manifest of Unity of Diarchs of Godland, 12017-06-11.
Declaration of Godland and Charter of Godland, 12017-06-11.
Indigenous World Order Bank of Godland CoNstituting ACT, 11.06.(1)2017.
Diarchs of Godland decree on Baltic sea Indigenous Runes / World Indigenous Runes, 21.6.(1)2017.
Oxa Money
Statute of the Indigenous World Order Court of Godland (IWOCG), 6.02.(1)2018.

OXA checks and financial instruments foundational for reclaiming stolen resources, new page opens (click here)

Methodology and Conceptual Crimes, new page opens (click here)

Process for joining the Lawful State, new page opens (click here)

Statements, new page opens (click here)

Templates for Human Kind to remind all of facts, new page opens (click here)

Associated States, new page opens (click here)


Proclamations & Orders in video format  (Some in Swedish, some in English.)

Monark Leif Erlingsson af Staten Sverige tilltalar Sveriges ministrar. 10.9.17  (Monarch Leif Erlingsson of State Sweden address Sweden's ministers, in Swedish.)

The Monarch of State Sweden is introduced by Ditta of Godland, etc., playlist with below:
The Monarch of State Sweden is introduced by Ditta of Godland. 9.9.17
Monarch Leif of State Sweden and president Ditta of state Republic Latvia.
Order of Revocation to NATO etc to return all military home to kin.

Instituting Documents in video format

The hidden rulers challenged, playlist with the below:
We challenged the hidden powers to show that they are legitimate rulers, else we are...  The essence is that the hidden rulers are now challenged to show that they are legitimate, and that otherwise we are the legitimate rulers, and that the people need to organize legitimate courts that are not under the control of the war business economic system.
Diarchs of Godland on justice, introduction. Coronation. 10.6.17
Coronation of Leif, Konn of Godland in Diarchy with Ditta, Konna of Godland. We challenged the hidden rulers
Diarchs of Godland/Östersjöväldet in holy Jordbro of Scandinavia. 10.6.17
Ceremonies in connection with the hidden rulers now having been challenged to show that they are legitimate
Ditta and Leif of Godland/Östersjöväldet on founding documents. 11.6.17
Founding documents read by Leif, Konn of Godland in Diarchy with Ditta, Konna of Godland. Hidden rulers challenged

BSIC/IWOCG Indigenous Court in Jordbro Sweden 190602 in video format

BSIC/IWOCG court judgement at Gallowstone Jordbro Sweden 190602, playlist.
At this Indigenous Court, the Diarchs of Godland installed the ECNRR protection against electromagnetic weapons warfare, the whole standard in PDF format, .

Transcript of the BSIC/IWOCG court judgement at Gallowstone 2:nd of June -19, (2.06.(1)2019).

Other relevant videos

Conf Security in Baltic Sea, tally to NATO, Russia etc. 22.04.17. 4/4 Ditta of Godland granted the chairman of the Swedish Defense Committee and NATO adviser Björn von Sydow in the magnitude of 1,000,000,000,000 Euro in Baltic Indigenous Runes from the Baltic Sea Indigenous Court to decentralise all global war corporations into management of Indigenous People and for return of military personell back to their families.  Sydow never reported back to BSIC on how he used these funds.  The video is in English.