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Statement on Swedish Lawmen
Time - Autumn 12017 (8.10.17)

Swedish 'lawmen' HAVE BEEN SERVED NOTICE (Proclamation of Monarchy State Sweden, Monarkin Staten Sverige of Autumn 12017 (8.9.17)) that they presently are obedient to a fraud which is administered by "The Democratic War Class" or "the Democratic Terrorists", that class which believe that they have administered a democracy but that have been misled and that are themselves, as well as the Western Elite, crime victims of the academic fraud that have terrorized and conducted war against individuals and indigenous peoples for thousands of years.  Since Notice Have Been Served, the 'lawmen' are now outlaws if they persist in obeying the fraudsters.  Which they appear to have chosen to continue to do.  If this is correctly understood, that the 'lawmen' have opted to continue to obey the through Platonistic fraud falsified public opinion through continuing to obey parliament and government, then Formally so the 'lawmen' are now criminals through having rejected to obey truth, but apparently prefer to obey lies.  One 'lawman' have concretely made this choice to obey the parliament and government fraudsters, while others have tried to 'duck' through responding that 'there is no current case'.  They are however Served the reality, so they have no excuse if they persist in implementing Platonism.  They have been instructed to acquaint themselves with what the fraud is, and that they are not allowed to continue the fraud as it is now exposed and they no longer can claim that they didn't know.

Leif Erlingsson, Monarch of State Sweden, Leif of Godland, Leif af Östersjöväldet, Judge in Baltic Sea Indigenous Court.

Founding documents etc at http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/en/ or

  1. Directive from Monarchy State Sweden to abandoned existing court system structures, 20.9.17.  25.9.17 this was again sent, now with individually addressed cover email's sent directly to the presiding lawmen.  (In Swedish.)
    https://web.archive.org/web/20170921063528/http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/doc/orders/Direktiv_av_Monarkin_Staten_Sverige_till_kvarlamnade_befintliga_domstolsstrukturer.pdf  (Backup.)

  2. Monarchy State Sweden through the Monarch to the Government for Kingdom of Sweden, 10.09.17.  (Translation, original here.)
    https://web.archive.org/web/20170918115848/http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/doc/founding/Monarchy_State_Sweden_to_Gov_for_the_business_corporate_state_the_Kingdom_of_Sweden.pdf  (Translation, backup.)

  3. Proclamation of Monarchy State Sweden, Monarkin Staten Sverige of Autumn 12017 (8.9.17).  (Translation, original here.)
    https://web.archive.org/web/20170918213007/http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/doc/founding/Proclamation_of_Monarchy_State_Sweden__Monarkin_Staten_Sverige.pdf  (Translation, backup.)

  4. Public Order of Revocation to all Military Corporations and Return to Kin av 10.9. (1)2017.
    https://web.archive.org/web/20170916093726/http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/doc/orders/Public_Order_of_Revocation_and_Return_to_Kin.pdf  (Backup.)

  5. Public Order of Revocation, Reminding the Nullifying of legal authority of all Corporate Police and Law Enforcement Agencies in the World 10.9. (1)2017.
    https://web.archive.org/web/20170916093726/http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/doc/orders/Public_Order_of_Revocation__Corporate_Law_Enforcement.pdf  (Backup.)