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Cover letter, here to the PM

Cover letter to all Swedish ministers, this one to the Prime Minister, with links to the appended docs, and to translated versions and backup versions due to denial of service "gremlins" out there:

Subject: Stefan Löfven, In the current crisis situation, when the rest of the people are "hiding", ...
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2017 20:55:00 +0200
From: leif erlingsson <leif@lege.net>
Reply-To: leif erlingsson <leif@lege.net>
Organization: Monarchy State Sweden, http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/en/
To: Stefan Löfven <statsradsberedningen.registrator@regeringskansliet.se>

Stefan Löfven,

it's with pleasure that I'm offering you a position in my interim government for the state Monarchy State Sweden, the conditions are set out in the attached Proclamations, etc., and you will answer the offer within a week, that is to say, latest September 21st.

As Monarch of State Sweden, We, by proclaiming a legitimate state for the nation, have freed you from previous contracts and agreements, wherefore You are free to accept Our offer.  The proclamation have been registered 8.9.17. at the Nacka District Court in connection with public testimony in courtroom before about 100 professional participants, where the Indigenous Court's decision on the method of disposal of spent nuclear fuel was submitted.

It is the one who has the Money Power; to create money; who has the real power.  We give the real power back to The People.  All forms of war are criminalized and prohibited.

Monarchy State Sweden is part of Godland through Diarchy with Ditta of Godland, Ditta af Östersjöväldet, Konna of Godland, who is also President of state Republic Latvia.  Monarchy State Sweden and State Republic Latvia are thus two states that acknowledge each other.  State Republic Latvia's founding document is available at  http://www.latvijasrepublika.info/ .

Warm greetings from Leif Erlingsson, Monarch of State Sweden, Leif of Godland, Leif af Östersjöväldet

  1. Monarchy State Sweden through the Monarch to the Government for Kingdom of Sweden, 10.09.17.  (Translation, original here.)
    https://web.archive.org/web/20170918115848/http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/doc/founding/Monarchy_State_Sweden_to_Gov_for_the_business_corporate_state_the_Kingdom_of_Sweden.pdf  (Translation, backup.)

  2. Proclamation of Monarchy State Sweden, Monarkin Staten Sverige of Autumn 12017 (8.9.17).  (Translation, original here.)
    https://web.archive.org/web/20170918213007/http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/doc/founding/Proclamation_of_Monarchy_State_Sweden__Monarkin_Staten_Sverige.pdf  (Translation, backup.)

  3. Public Order of Revocation to all Military Corporations and Return to Kin av 10.9. (1)2017.
    https://web.archive.org/web/20170916093726/http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/doc/orders/Public_Order_of_Revocation_and_Return_to_Kin.pdf  (Backup.)

  4. Public Order of Revocation, Reminding the Nullifying of legal authority of all Corporate Police and Law Enforcement Agencies in the World 10.9. (1)2017.
    https://web.archive.org/web/20170916093726/http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/doc/orders/Public_Order_of_Revocation__Corporate_Law_Enforcement.pdf  (Backup.)