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Methodology and Conceptual Crimes.

There are methodologies created
to convert supposedly insoluble problems into solutions to these and at the same time to much larger problems.  What hinders is that it is conceptually too large for most people to take in.  That it feels too different.  But more of the same can never solve what the same has created.

By defining oneself as an indigenous people, one can claim earlier right than today's political system.  Earlier right trumps later.  It is just a matter of building up local indigenous courts (Tribunals/Tings/ţings/Dings/things) and Militias within this right.  Godaland's Indigenous Methodology is to educate everyone and those who are not local indigenous peoples are then supported in repeating the process in their own ethnogeographic areas.  They do not have the right to rule over indigenous peoples they do not belong to themselves, but have the right to all the gifts of education and so on so that they can then introduce this into their own ethnogeographic areas.  Definitely not that they have the right to infiltrate in the media, militia (replacing police, etc.) and so on where they do not originate.  In this way, this imperialism is stopped and reversed, and even their own indigenous territories, through this methodology, have access to all the Gifts of Godland and of the the World Economy of Godland in the Indigenous World Order of Godland.  The war criminals are also entitled to these gifts for rehabilitation.  Only if they cannot ask for such help must they suffer.

"These practical crimes have been further charged symbolically as conceptual crimes" (BSIC/IWOCG court judgement at Gallowstone 2:nd of June -19, (2.06.(1)2019).  Conceptual crimes.  In the just quoted from pronounced judgments concerning cut trees & roots these are conceptual crimes which, precisely for this reason, also apply to Child Protective Services (CPS) cared for, vaccine-damaged, fluor-IQ injured and wrong-schooled children, etc..  The electromagnetic death camp has already been specifically mentioned.

BSIC/IWOCG Tribunal Jordbro Peace Decree court judgements.
PDF Transcript of the BSIC/IWOCG court judgement at Gallowstone 2:nd of June -19, (2.06.(1)2019).

[Monarchy State Sweden.]

Godland and Monarchy State Sweden doesn't fool or force people to obey, but earn loyalty and trust through respect for life and prosperity for all.  As loving and responsible Human Kind, we don't pretend that the well being of others isn't our concern.