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Some clarifications re. what Östersjöväldet/Godland is AND IS NOT, and not least the possibilities it's structure provides.

https://corneliadahlberg.wordpress.com/sanningskommission-och-riksratt/#comment-4234 ,  translated:

Östersjöväldet/Godland is rights built from the roots.  Indigenous Rights.

Östersjöväldet/Godland operate OUTSIDE the old cult formally termed #Platonism, that cult which control the whole therefore corrupt system including all who work "politically" while still operating inside the parameters of platonism.  The cult is formally damasked and exposed precisely as a cult.

Östersjöväldet/Godland, that in founding documents openly take a stand against the globalization process with it's associated genocide on Sweden, is therefore NOT a political organization.  It is instead a structure to protect rights.

https://corneliadahlberg.wordpress.com/sanningskommission-och-riksratt/#comment-4230 ,  translated:

Compare the NV thread https://newsvoice.se/2018/01/24/norges-fiskeriminister-gripen-for-pedofili-norsk-journalist-trakasserad/

Copy of https://vk.com/wall409430845_691, relinked to English https://vk.com/wall409430845_692 :

At the moment, AI support governments FROM "Fake News" = those who see where it's barking and react.  BUT, AI's agenda is to make governments redundant.  Those who now populate governments are scavengers who clean out the corpses.

To continue that thought, the global corps. are of course the next 'world government', which AI really support for the next step of it's power grab.  The solution is NOT to support gov. cover-ups but rather total transparency and decentralization a 'la' Godland.

In international law a legal solution is to use the right of indigenous peoples to develop political, economic & social systems & institutions by claiming indigenous status.  Today, illegitimately, political power is controlled by large corps., not by populations.  Corps. that do not work for the best interests of the people.

Sweden's therefore quoted 'lawmen' last autumn refused to participate in the formation of indigenous peoples courts, so the work with the creation of local indigenous peoples courts is up to all of us.  The Östersjöväldet/Godland's order of rights protection has not been conjured out of a hat, but is about proper justice, real courts.

Documents:  http://monarkin-staten-sverige.lege.net/en/ or

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Copy of https://vk.com/wall409430845_689 (translated):

It is absolutely imperative to, in a court or truth tribunal form, expose WHY the formal power does not serve the interests of the people.  I have often thought that why would not the first best normal human being who are given some socially responsible position work for everyone's best?

In practice, different political parties have been used to create a democratic illusion.  The function of politics today is a more effective distraction than 'Farmer seeking wife'.  In his speech about secret societies to the press, JFK referred to the Athenian lawgiver Solon (c. 638 - c. 558 BC) and how he made it a crime for the citizen to avoid controversy.  Solon thus tried to prevent the avoidance of open dialogue, and of course, it was for that reason that JFK referred to him.

When all facts are available to all and nothing is taboo, only then can there be democracy.  Today, it instead is the case that large parts of reality are security-classed so that it violates 'state security' to show proof for these parts of reality, while those who still know about and tell of such denied reality are ridiculed not only by organized agents but even by common people who do not want or dare to know what's going on.

Hardly any of the officially recognized part of reality is even relevant to the planet's, humanity's real future, possible survival and possible thriving.  Before we declassify and make publically known all secrets, there cannot possibly be democracy, and after that we have make publically known all secrets and demanded individual responsibility of anyone who is given any socially responsibile position, there is only reason to monitor that responsibility is handled responsibly.  The short Constitution of Godland at the end of The Rights of Godlanders contained in the Proclamation of Monarchy State Sweden is created so that all groups can create their own local rules of interrelationships and responsibilities.  [Addendum, not from the link:  In effect forming their own cults or sects, but completely voluntary and with the possibility to live outside such cults/sects/societies or to live in other societies with other agreements without having to leave the land one was born in.]  Why should anyone ever be forced into something he/she does not enjoy, as long as it does not violate anyone elses rights?

We are now in the times of expectation as the Deep State, which is "the criminals", are being taken down.  In the US including the FBI and the DOJ and here at home including the corrupt Swedish 'justice' networks.  At the same time the criminals are trying to get a new war in Syria going, and it may perhaps succeed.  A friend who is usually right thinks that space-based weapons will then be used openly for the next level of "Shock And Awe".  But it will be a short war this time.  TPTB, which are on the level above the criminals, will see it for reasons that I will not go into.

When the shit really is out for everyone to see, then we have a lot of cleaning to do also in Sweden.

The biggest 'secrets' are not even secret, because people are programmed to not see them.  Like this:

Platonism is that 'authorities' define 'what is real' and that other realities are not respected.  Platonism applied by officials involves following dictates as if God-given, with effect total tyranny.  Tyranny is not to allow other options!

Scientism etc. is however on it's last tail.  It builds on religion and the religion it builds on, in turn, builds on the greatest fraud ever.  Their "God" is in fact Lucifer.  Even this will most likely eventually come out.  It was Lucifer who was responsible for the production of Homo Sapiens from Homo Erectus and Homo Habilis, see Biblio Stuttgartensia, translated from the Hebrew by Mauro Biglino.  Jahve was a lower-grade military group leader in Elohim who spread his troops across several continents, not regarded as particularly high-ranking according to the texts.  Religion have been added on afterwards in order to create the concept of heaven&hell for purposes of submission.  And as Ola Alexander Frisk stringently shows, it is also such religion that governs scientism and today's claims of power.  If/when this also becomes understood, then the evangelical church buildings can be converted into freedom schools.

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