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Statement on Swedish Lawmen.  Time - Autumn 12017 (8.10.17)
Three things not only to comprehend.  Time - Second Day of the New Sun Year 12017 (23.12.17)
Some clarifications re. what Östersjöväldet/Godland is AND IS NOT, and not least the possibilities it's structure provides.
There's a terrible obedience problem.  (1)2018-02-11
An oppressed people without self-respect cannot respect anything  (1)2018-05-12
Written and video-recorded loyalty oath for Monarch of State Sweden  Clarification of (1)2018-10-08
Why The Law Framework of Godland is Key to dismantling the current illegitimate world system, and a Helicopter view on Real Economy.  (1)2018-11-24

Venned Sea Indigenous Court (VSIC) very much would like to have the ENFORCEMENT POWER on-board the freedom-from-totalitarian-oppression-train.  Tweets spring of -20.
To the common police doing much that is good.  The Monarch Leif I, 6'th of October (1)2020.
Statement regarding the paranoia that is spread by media and by the fake government etc that media are upholding.  The Monarch Leif I, 12'th of November (1)2020.
Info on Tribunal with Dr. Reiner Fullmich.  Posted here for information May 2:nd (1)2021.
MSS Change.  Leif 23'rd September -21.
Statement in support of the Original Sovereign Tribal Federation from Northern Australia in relation to ongoing genocide.  The Monarch Leif I, 27'th of November -21.
Grand Jury Proceeding by the Peoples´ Court of Public Opinion.  MSS supports the International Grand Jury Proceeding, 05 February -22.
MSS supports using DoD Law of War for the handling of justice regarding the ongoing bioweapons attack.  The Monarch Leif I, 07 February -22.
On the responsibility of the blue-clad in the event of disturbances.  Leif I, Lawgiver for the Nation, etc, Monarchy State Sweden, 16 April -22.
Mercy vs. Responsibilities.  Leif I, Lawgiver for the Nation, etc, Monarchy State Sweden, 14 August -22.
There was an already ongoing world wide military rescue operation when Godland and MSS was formed, of which MSS approves.  Leif I, Lawgiver for the Nation, etc, Monarchy State Sweden, 18 June -23.